Professional Management Counsel for Nonprofit Organizations

Development Advisors is an organizational development firm providing professional management counsel to nonprofits, faith-based organizations, and churches. This firm provides a variety of services under six basic areas – Establishing new organization, Establishing new and Enhancing Current Boards, Visioning and Strategic Planning, Fundraising and Relationship Development, Volunteer Program Development. Services also include reinvigorating stagnate organizations as well as troubleshooting specific problems an organization may be experiencing. Mentoring and Coaching may be included with clients desiring leadership development. All of the preceding can include training, mentoring, and coaching as requested to assure maximum and long-term results.

Establishing New Nonprofits
Board Development
Visioning & Strategic Planning
Fundraising Development
About Development Advisors

Development Advisors provides professional management counsel to nonprofit organizations to assist them in achieving their purpose of existence. This counsel is accomplished through a variety of venues to include establishing new organizations, board development, visioning and strategic planning, volunteer development as well as fund raising counsel.

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